Hollywood OG


AAA, Hybrid
THC Content: 16.5%
CBD Content: Less than 1%
Common Usage: Anxiety, Depression, Pain, ADD/ADHD, and Arthritis.

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Hollywood OG’s effects come on quickly, beginning as an increased pressure around the eyes and temples. Some smokers may also detect an increase in their salivation. Almost right away, the strain confers a high-powered cerebral mindset, making thoughts jumps around in a freely-associative manner. This can manifest as a newfound productivity, allowing some smokers to power through complex, work-related tasks. For others, it can spark flights of creative brainstorming. Users that are able to manage and adjust to this tuned-in way of thinking may find that Hollywood OG is a very social strain, setting the stage for good vibes and free-flowing conversations among friends or even strangers. As time wears on though, Hollywood OG reveals an indica sedation to match its powerful cerebral properties. Users who may have been standing might suddenly experience some dizziness or disorientation and may want to seek refuge on the closest comfortable couch. This bud’s relaxing effects travel in waves down the spine and radiate outward through the core, soothing any lingering muscular tension. Consumers can breathe deeply and easily as they sink into their surroundings, content to let the outside world melt into the background. In sufficiently high doses, Hollywood OG can even lull drowsy consumers to sleep. Because of its slow decrease in energy levels, this strain is better reserved for late afternoon or evening enjoyment.


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