Lemon Drop


Sativa – 60% Leaning

THC Content: 14.3%

CBD Content: Less than 1%

Common Usage: Migraines, Nausea, Depression, Anxiety, and ADHD Symptoms

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2 reviews for Lemon Drop

  1. msjvelazquez (verified owner)

    Wow. 130 an Oz for popcorn. At least let people know what it is. High is ok but not the look of the buds.

    The cheaper strains have really dropped in quality.lately

  2. Krystal (verified owner)

    This product is good; only thing is that it is “popcorn” but for the price it’s a good high ( not intense; very good for day use) good taste and smell. For 130 bucks it’s a good product-and I would rather spend the money at Nugdrop then Ganjika house in Brampton because there’s a significant difference in pricing but also Nugdrop has better quality bud-even the sale ones.

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